Wolf Brothers MC was founded in the middle of the 2000’s.
At that time it had different name and status but we do remember all those who we started our way with.
The club grew and expanded, new people joined, new aims appeared.
Consequently, some likeminded people, who disagreed with club policy completely, left it. And a new club was organized — Star Riders Moscow.

There were many changes but we still had our basics — loyalty to the brotherhood, traditions and mutual respect.

The years passed. This club continued developing and growing. In the year of 2008 we took a decision of changing the club’s name and getting a new status of MC.
So, since 2008 our club has been known as Wolf Brothers MC. And it has been included in «The International List of motorcycle clubs» since then.

Wolf Brothers MC is an independent, all-sufficient club and we are out of the politics. We do not take part in somebody’s political interests promotion. There are people of all kinds of social status, occupation and political commitment as we respect all motorcyclists.

Wolf Brothers MC reveres biker’s rules, ideas and traditions. It has multiyear history and international status. Having founded several chapters by now it is
widely known not only in Russia but Europe as well.
The basic principles of our club are Brotherhood and Mutual Support. We are opened for those who share our interests and want to communicate : clubs and individuals equally. For those who respect our friendly attitude towards bikers’ world traditions, great love for travelling and motorcycles.